Farmers Urged To Check Shed Temperatures

Average UK temperatures are on the rise, prompting a warning for farmers to keep an eye on the temperatures of their sheds – paying particular attention to dairy sheds and broilers.

According to DEFRA, an increase in body temperature of just 4°C can result in fatalities for chickens, while temperatures of 42°C and above can prove fatal for cows.

Duncan Burl, of ventilation and heating specialist Hydor, said: “The soaring temperatures we’re currently experiencing can prove a challenge to livestock.

“Productivity can decline at temperatures from 25°C upwards in the average cow and even lower in high yielding animals, so it’s essential that careful monitoring of heat levels takes place regularly during the hotter months.”

Hydor recommend watching out for key warning signs of heat stress in animals; including increased water consumption, panting and drooling in cows, and chickens with raised wings or which are avoiding other birds.

As well as regular monitoring, effective and well-maintained ventilation can improve atmospheric conditions in animal sheds, with outdated or faulty ventilation equipment blamed for many temperature spikes.

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